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The i-vrit Enrichment for Teachers

שיעורי העשרה למורים

Are you an administrator, looking for ways to enrich your staff,

strengthen their capabilities and willing to invest towards their growth?

Are you a Hebrew teacher, teaching Ivrit as a second language?

Are you a Judaic Studies teacher, encouraged to teach עברית בעברית?

Feeling a little insecure in class? Looking for words while speaking in Hebrew? i-vrit is what you are looking for!

Improve reading skills and get a better understanding of Israeli life by reading modern Israeli books, stories, articles and news items.  

Get familiar with useful and modern vocabulary in Hebrew including phrases and slang that enable you to better understand the Hebrew modern language and use it correctly.

Teachers: learn useful vocabulary that is relevant to the subject you are teaching and upgrade your ability to communicate freely in Hebrew with students on a daily basis.

Boost your self confidence in the spoken language by simulations, discussions and conversations with other group members.

Enhance your knowledge in different grammar topics, improving your ability to interact in a more self reliant and correct way in Hebrew.

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