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The idea for i-vrit was born after moving back and forth from Israel to the States with my family. As an experienced teacher, who taught Hebrew as a second language for quite some time, I observed that many students sought ways to  enrich their Hebrew language and learn in a fun and interactive way. Since I returned to Israel, I continued working with groups of strong and highly motivated students who wished to learn Hebrew at a higher level - but this time I was teaching them online! Thus i-vrit came to be.
Using a variety of resources and through my own love of Israeli history, music, literature and news media, I created the 
i-vrit courses. These learning opportunities aim to provide students with the extra challenge they seek, to improve their Hebrew skills and vocabulary, expand their knowledge and deepen their connection to Israel. 
I live in Israel with my family. I earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in history and a teaching certificate from Bar-Ilan University. Overall I have taught for over 15 years in Israel and in the US, out of them 6 years of teaching online.
Schools, students and teachers are joining 
i-vrit  and the program is expanding to other schools around the world. 

Being the head of i-vrit means a lot to me. I love working with students, help them progress and grow. I enjoy watching and working with my professional i-vrit teachers. I take pleasure in creating new and exciting units that keeps the i-vrit programs dynamic and relevant. I feel satisfaction from my work and love the challenge.


E-learning is becoming more common, turning our students into independent, creative and self-sufficient learners. The i-vrit  platform gives students the tools to think, create and progress, encouraging them to be active learners.


As Albert Einstein said:

“I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.“



Dina Shav-Tal


Anchor 3


“The feedback has been very positive. People who come in and see six to ten kids working independently over a long period of time, the fact that they are challenged and engaged is something that people notice. Parents who can actually see the progress their children are making and see they are being challenged. That’s something parents are very excited about."

Rabbi Binyamin Krauss, Principal
 SAR Academy 


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