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Interactive Online Hebrew Course for 5th-9th grades

קורס עברית

Personalized path for progress

i-vrit aims to develop students’ learning proficiency and independence. Students progress at their own pace based on the work they complete, with regular monitoring by the teacher. Students test themselves to check their understanding, and progress accordingly. Online meetings are scheduled for interactive study and personalized guidance.

Improved language skills

Students improve their reading, writing and speaking skills in Hebrew by reading modern Israeli novels, short stories and newspapers, completing creative writing assignments, and developing better speaking skills through a variety of interactive tasks.

Hebrew Grammar

i-vrit students delve into Hebrew grammar on a more advanced level.  Hebrew is a language in which grammatical flexibility can significantly increase one’s ability to communicate effectively and intelligently. Students learn to use grammatical tools that broaden their knowledge of the language and enrich their speaking abilities.

Educational media

i-vrit a digitally based course that uses interactive apps and websites that make learning a fun and exciting experience.

Get to know Israel!

Students learn about different aspects of Israel's history and culture to better understand the challenges and complexity of daily life in Israel. For example: read Israeli newspapers and learn modern Israeli songs.

Interaction and co-working

Students work together regularly on a variety of projects with other  i-vrit students in their school. i-vrit also aims to connect students from different schools as the course grows, inviting students to interact and speak in Hebrew and enrich their social Hebrew experience as well.

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